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What is a structural survey?

The term 'structural survey' is a little confusing and dated.

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Six questions to ask your structural engineer

Planning a home improvement? Here are six key questions you should ask your structural engineer before you begin work.

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Structural engineers and your home project

Everything you need to know about working with structural engineers in one handy guide.

Basement conversions

An apparently simple conversion of an existing cellar can be as complex as a new build.

Building an extension

An extension always involves structural engineering of the foundations, walls and roof.

Converting your loft or attic

Loft conversions are very common, but the available height is often insufficient for conversion.

Creating an open plan space

You should always consult a structural engineer as there are both structural and fire safety hazards involved.

Fitting a new staircase

It’s essential to understand your home’s existing structure before fitting a new staircase.

Discover CROSS

Read reports about structural near misses and failures from the industry's voluntary reporting scheme, CROSS

Worried about damage to your property?

Cracks in walls

Cracks in walls are more common than you’d think, but not all of them are structurally significant.

Flooding and storm damage

Storms can damage your home in many ways, from falling trees to damage from flooding.